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Dr. Dakota Zickefoose with wife Ashley

Our goal is to empower you with cutting edge information so you can achieve your full life potential.”

Meet Dr. Dakota Zickefoose

Healthy By Choice, Not By Chance

Born and raised in Loudonville, Dr. Dakota chose to return to his hometown to invest in the lives of his community and the surrounding Mohican area. Loudonville and Mohican families, as well as the surrounding English and Amish communities, feel privileged to have their health needs carefully attended to by Dr. Dakota since he opened Strive Health Chiropractic in 2016. He offers high-quality wellness care for those wishing to optimize their health, with a foundational emphasis on the “Four Pillars of Health”faith, function, fitness and food choices.

Becoming a Chiropractic Advocate

Dr. Dakota was heavily involved in sports in high school and college, and found that chiropractic was the key that allowed him to recover successfully from repeated injury. He developed a strong interest in the concept of natural healing, paired with a fascination of the body’s ability to heal itself. Additionally, Dr. Dakota noticed that the chiropractors he encountered seemed to love their jobs. “Not only did they experience a great sense of satisfaction from helping people heal, they also had great family and spiritual connections and were always smiling.” These observations made him realize that chiropractic care was his calling.

“I believe that we were born to be healthy, not sick.” Dr. Dakota has a deep understanding of the body as a self-healing mechanism and knows that this ability trumps the skill of any trained doctor. He shares that knowledge with his practice members, partnering with them in helping to create optimal health and wellness.


Developing Clinical Excellence

In 2016, Dr. Dakota graduated from the founding educational institution for chiropractors – Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He has also undergone extensive post-graduate study to become an EPIC chiropractor. This field of expertise adds great clinical significance to the assessment and treatment of children, including the 12 most common health issues that kids face today. Dr. Dakota has also received advanced training in extremity adjustments from Dr. Mitch Mally, helping many people from all walks of life avoid surgery and the complications of long-term medication.

Even during his chiropractic college internship, Dr. Dakota felt the gratification of serving others; he’d often observe the expressions of despair on the faces of those that had given up on health and hopefulness.

I loved the feeling of adding positive life experience to people that were hurting.

Enjoying Family Life

Dr. Dakota is married to Ashley, who teaches at Hillsdale Elementary School in Hayesville. He considers himself to be a “family-first guy” and loves to spend time with his nephews and nieces and other family members. Dr. Dakota purposely chose to return to the Loudonville / Mohican area as the place he wanted to raise his future children, loving the many opportunities this community provides for living a healthy, active life.

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