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Information for New Practice Members

If you’re visiting us for the first time, we’d like you to know exactly what to expect. We want you to have a great experience, and will make sure that you feel welcome and supported. Our office has been described as warm, professional, friendly and “full of smiles.” We hope you think so, too.
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Your First Visit

Your first visit will take between 30-45 minutes. When you arrive at the clinic, you’ll be warmly greeted by one of our staff members. If you’ve downloaded and filled out your new patient paperwork from our website, please bring that with you. Otherwise, we’ll be happy to have you fill out the forms once you arrive at the office. Once your paperwork is completed, we’ll give you a brief tour of our facilities before you meet with the doctor.

Dr. Dakota will then consult with you in a private room. His evaluation will consist of three parts:

  • A detailed consultation and health history. He’ll discuss your concerns, goals and expectations of treatment, as well as the limitations your condition creates in everyday life.
  • A neurological and orthopedic examination, including a computerized scan of your nervous system.
  • X-rays, if necessary. We offer on-site, digital radiography for accurate spinal assessment.

New Patient Forms


Your Second Visit

The second visit will take approximately 45 minutes.

During this appointment, Dr. Dakota will provide you with a report of findings, which is a review of your examination, scan and X-ray results. These findings provide us with an accurate blueprint of the health of your nervous system, and help us to determine how best to help you.

At this time, we’ll discuss customized care options and a plan of action to eliminate your pain and optimize your function and wellness potential.

We also provide complementary Wellness Workshops for our practice members, and might discuss your future attendance at one of these inspiring events if there’s interest.

You’ll receive your first chiropractic adjustment during this visit as well.

Payment Options

We offer several cash-based plans using the outstanding benefits of individual and family savings plans. No matter what your situation is, we work hand-in-hand with you to make your care affordable, providing high quality treatment that produces the results you need.

Ongoing maintenance care is a lifestyle choice, one that most practice members embrace once they experience the benefits and value of chiropractic. We never pressure anyone, however; the choice is always yours. We value every practice member as a part of our family, and we look forward to a great relationship with you in the future. Contact us today!

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